Lodge Logic Cast-Iron Wok (14 inch) Review

Lodge Pro Logic Cast Iron WokWok Cooking – Lodge Logic cast iron wok

It has a flat bottom exterior and a concave interior, a typical Chinese wok sitting steadily on a gas or electric stove, without the need of a wok  ring. The Lodge Logic cast iron wok/skillet is a flat bottom wok and being closer to the heat source, translates into faster heat being transferred from the burner to the wok.

Being a heavy duty cast iron wok,  you can stir fry your ingredients without fear of accidentally tipping the wok. With the classic Lodge look of contemporary rolled edges and graceful curved lines, heat is quickly and evenly spread out from the base up the sides.

The most important feature in a good wok is quick, even heating and premium heat retention, to seal in the nutrients and flavor. A great way to do some Chinese wok cooking with the Lodge cast iron wok.

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Here are some great features of the Lodge Logic cast iron wok/skillet(14 inch).

  • 14-inch cast-iron wok for stir-fries and other recipes.
  • Preseasoned with vegetable oil formula and ready for immediate use.
  • Cast-iron surface heats slowly and evenly to prevent burning.
  • Nonstick, rustproof finish cleans easily; hand wash only.
  • Includes pair of large loop handles; lifetime warranty

Care has to be taken when using this cast iron wok as the handles do get hot. Add oil to a pre heated wok and remove food immediately food is cooked, as the high heat retained in the hot wok  will continue cooking the food even if the fire is off.

Cleaning up is simple and hassle-free, just use a stiff nylon brush or a bamboo wok brush and hot water. Using a scouring pad or detergent is not advisable as it might break down the wok’s seasoning.

With a great metal formula, precision molds and exacting mold wall thickness, you can expect quality performance from the Lodge cast-iron wok.

Here is a review by one happy owner of the Lodge Logic Cast -Iron Wok.

I stir fried chicken and vegetables and they came out great. I used very little oil and nothing stuck to the wok. I even added peanut sauce and still no sticking. The food tasted much better then my old hammered steel wok and cleaned up much easier. This is the perfect wok for people like me who are not experienced with a wok, but love to stir fry. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an idiot proof wok! (Barn B.)
Review paraphrased for size-view original review here.

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